End of Session 2020 Report

Dear Residents of the 26th Legislative District

This report focuses on a few major statewide issues that came before the 2020 Session of the Maryland General Assembly under our new Senate Leadership Team; President of the Senate Bill Ferguson and President Pro Tem Melony Griffith. The General Assembly adjourned early, on March 18th, due to the medical crisis surrounding COVID-19. This report is reflective of the accomplishments made up until that point.

Led by the efforts of the Legislative Black Caucus, the lawsuit of the last 13 years seeking a financial settlement for Maryland’s four historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) has concluded. I was appointed by the Senate President to present the legislation to the full Senate. I am delighted to say that the legislation passed and now waits for the Governor’s signature (SB1043/HB1260). This session also saw a substantial alteration to State aid and policies for public schools. Based upon policies and accountability recommendations by the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (Kirwan Commission), new formulas were set for the appropriation of funding for specific reasons. As you might know, I am a member of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and I can attest the numerous long hours spent to perfect this legislation (SB1000/HB1300).

This was a stressful session! The abrupt ending precluded the hearings on a number of bills I introduced. Under the circumstances, those bills, not privy to completion of the legislative process, I expected to re-introduce in the next session.

Maryland State Senator Obie Patterson  District 26 -  Prince George's County Photo

In other news, I opened my local office that I share with Delegate Veronica Turner last summer; the address is 10905 Fort Washington Road, Suite 211, Fort Washington, MD 20744. The telephone number is 240.493.7222. I also launched a website as Senator, although it is constantly evolving, you may find some interesting information at www.obiepatterson.com. Visit the site to view and download my 2020 End of Session Report as well as last year’s.

In closing I want to say Thanks to all of you; for your prayers, letters, emails, calls, text messages and just your outpouring of Love. It is a privilege and honor to represent you and 26th District in Annapolis.


Senator Obie Patterson

General Overview of Statewide Key Legislation
(Bill numbers shown in bold indicates the bill awaits signature of the Governor)

Built to Learn Act of 2020 – SB001-HB001

The Act provides over two million dollars, over the next five years, for construction and renovation of schools throughout Maryland.The Maryland Stadium Authority is authorized to issue revenue bonds backed by annual payments from the Education Trust Fund.

Blueprint for Maryland’s Future-Implementation – SB1000-HB1300

With a projected cost of roughly 32 billion dollars, this legislation overhauls the state’s education system based upon the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission. The legislation addresses the need to recruit and retain qualified teachers, establish a process to manage student behavioral issues in conjunction with the educational process and is intended to transform Maryland’s early childhood, primary and secondary levels of educations into the high-performing levels of education worldwide.

Historically Black College and Universities-Funding – SB1043-HB1260

Effective July 1, 2020, a total of 577 million dollars will be provided to Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) between fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2031. Some of the provisions are dependent upon the completion of a final settlement agreement in connection with the current lawsuit.

Discrimination-Definition of Race-Hair Texture and Styles-SB531-HB1444

This legislation bans discrimination against people with hairstyles associated with certain racial groups. Employees are required to following reasonable workplace appearance and grooming standards that apply to specific standards.

Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act-SB530-HB231

This Act supports renters as it prohibits residential discrimination based upon the income source used to pay rent.

Criminal Law-Assault in the First Degree-Strangulation-SB212-HB233

This legislation carries as a penalty up to 25 years in prison and is an expansion of the definition of felony first-degree assault to include intentional strangulation.

Peace Orders and Protective Orders-Extention-SB227-HB250

This makes petitions to extend an existing peace or protective order automatic when the hearing for the extension is not held by the time the original order expires.

Crimes-Hate Crimes-Use of an Item or Symbol to Threaten or Intimidate-SB161 -HB5

The legislation prohibits the placement or inscription of threatening symbols or items such as a swastika or noose on public or private property without the expressed permission of the owner/owners of the property. The penalties for a violation includes up to three years in prison and/or a fine up to five thousand dollars ($5,000).

State Budget-Revenue Stabilization Account Transfers-Coronavirus-SB1079-HB1661

This emergency legislation authorizes the governor to transfer up to 50 million dollars from the state’s “Rainy Day Fund” to state agencies to respond to COVID-19. The emergency legislation was a state budget amendment and expires June 30, 2021.

Prince George’s County Delegation’s Key Legislation
(All bills await the signature of the Governor)

Marriage License Fee-Distribution of Proceeds HB1409

Requiring the Director of Finance for Prince George's County to distribute certain proceeds from a marriage license fee to the Community Crisis Services, Inc.; requiring certain proceeds from a marriage license fee to be used to fund battered spouse shelters and domestic violence programs if the Community Crisis Services, Inc., changes its name or objectives or ceases to exist.

Limitation on Applicant Campaign Contributions HB282

This repeals the prohibition ofan applicant,or applicant's agent,from making a payment to the County Executive of Prince George's County or to a slate that includes the County Executive during the pendency of certain applications.

Speed Monitoring Systems-Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) HB275

Repealing the requirement that certain revenue collected by Prince George's County as a result of violations recorded by speed monitoring systems on Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) be deposited into the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund and requiring that the revenue be credited to the State Highway Administration to be used solely for certain safety-related purposes related to Maryland Route 210 in Prince George's County; and repealing a certain funding source for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.

Alcoholic Beverages-Carillon Development HB845

This authorizes the Board of License Commissioners for PrinceGeorge's County to issue up to 10 Class B-DD licenses for restaurants located within the Carillon development.This development area is the residential and business area located near the Regional Hospital property under construction in Largo.

WSSC Discrimination Prohibited HB1560

Prohibitsthe Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission from discriminating against a person based upon genetic information or the presence of children; and requiresthat a certain nondiscrimination provision in contracts entered into by the Commission prohibit certain discrimination based on genetic information.

Multiphase Economic Development Projects and Sunset Repeal HB434

Authorizing the owner of an economic development project and the governing body of Prince George's County to enter into multiple payment in lieu of taxes agreements for different phases of an economic development project; providing that the term of an agreement may not exceed 15 years from the date a certificate of occupancy is first issued for any phase of a project; requiring, by January 1 each year, that a report on certain projects be submitted to the Prince George's County Delegation in the General Assembly.

Foundation for Applied Construction Technology for Students HB1401

Adds an exemption from the Prince George's County school facilities surcharge for single-family dwelling units to be built by the Foundation for Applied Construction Technology for Students.

Bi-county Commissions-Conflict of Interest andLobbying HB370

Requiring certain bi-county commissions to report on conflict of interest issues and regulations during the previous calendar year on or before April 30 each year; requiring certain bi-county commissions to report on lobbyingbefore the bi-county commission and regulation of that lobbying for the previous calendar year on or before April 30 each year; and requiring certain bi-county commissions to publish the reports on the website of the bi-county commission.

Cooperative Housing Corporations, Condominiums and Homeowners Associations-Reserve Studies HB254

Requiring the governing body of certain cooperative housing corporations in Prince George's County to have a study conducted of the reserves needed for future major repairs and replacement of common elements of the cooperative housing corporation by a certain date and at certain intervals under certain circumstances; requiring the annual budget of a cooperative housing corporation in Prince George's County to provide reserve funds in the annual budget for the cooperative housing corporation in accordance with the reserve study.

Senator Patterson’s Legislative Statistics

As expected, the 2020 Legislative Session was deeply committed to the passage of the Blue Print for Maryland’s Future –Implementation (SB1000/HB1300). There were numerouslengthydiscussions, negotiations and consensus building sessionsheld to arrive at the final version of thislegislation. Despite being extremely time consumingfor Senator Patterson,member of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee (EHE), it was and is the right choice for the future of all school students in Maryland.

Senator Patterson Bill Totalsfor 2020 Legislative Session

Sponsored 17
Co-sponsored/cross-filed 71
Passed by the Senate and House 08

For additional legislative information visit the General Assembly Website. (Click on the following link http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmag/frm1st.aspx?tab=home

District 26 Capital Funding Projects (Bond Bills)

$500,000 Fort Washington Medical Center
$325,000 Crossland High School
$300,000 Village Incubator for Non-Profit Excellence
$200,000 Alice FergusonFoundation
$200,000 Fort Foote Resource Center for Seniors, Youth and Veterans
$125,000 Forest Heights, City of
$ 50,000 Educare Resource Center, Fort Washington
$ 50,000 Temple Hills Swim Club
$ 30,000 Camp Springs Elks Lodge 2332

State Real Estate Commission-Continuing Education Requirements-Ethics and Professionalism SB350/ HB1446

Alters the continuation education ethics course required for the renewal of a real estate brokerage service license and requires the course to coversubjects such as the practice of flipping, fraudulent real estate practices and professionalism relative to discussions of conflict resolutions and respect of the public, peers and property.

State Board of Dental Examiners-Dental Specialization-Requirements SB663

The National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boardsis now the entity whose requirements regarding specialties for an applicant who seeks a teacher’s license to practice dentistry must be met. The State Board of Dental Examiners is authorized to approve an area of specialty recognized by the entity.

The abrupt ending of the 2020 Legislative Session as the result of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) precluded the hearings on a number of bills introduced by Senator Patterson in the General Assembly. Under the circumstances, those bills not privy to completion of the legislative process are expected to be re-introduced in the next session.